Publisher Reporting Changes

We are today starting roll out some changes in the way Publisher Impressions are being reported in the MobFox Dashboard. Previously, an ‘impression’ was counted by MobFox every time the ad was requested and successfully returned by our ad server, resulting in inaccurate CTR and eCPM metrics in our Publisher Reports.

Starting today, we are introducing a new metric called “Ad’s Served” to our Reporting Dashboard which is identical to the old ‘Impression’ which counts the number of ad’s that were successfully served by our ad server, regardless if they were actually shown to a user or not.

If the ad was successfully requested and shown to a user, the ad-call will also be counted as an ‘Impression’. Impressions are counted by tracking pixels which our ad server automatically inserts into every ad response.

Here’s an example:

The Publication called “MobFox Testapp” has received 79 successful ad responses from MobFox. In 78 of the cases, the ad was actually shown to the user. One impression was never shown, either due to the user closing the app before the ad could be shown, or due to a timeout that was exceeded when the ad was requested.

We are gradually rolling out these changes on our Dashboard and Reporting API’s today and expect the transition to be complete by the end of the day. If you have any questions about this change, please send us an e-mail.

MobFox iOS SDK 3.0.6 released

We are happy to announce a UDID-less SDK for our valued iOS Developers. If you need to remove UDID’s from your app right away, we recommend downloading this SDK and replacing the old one with it. If you are not in a hurry to update, we would recommend until we release our SDK 4.0 at the end of April, which will contain a bunch of other great features.

As a replacement for UDID’s, our iOS SDK v3.0.6 uses the following identifiers:

  • ODIN-1
  • OpenUDID

Introducing: mAdtrackr – iOS App Download Tracking without UDID

As you are likely aware, TechCrunch broke the news last week that Apple has now started to decline app’s that use the phone’s UDID to identify a user – no matter if you use it for identifying app-reinstalls, analytics, or advertising. The advertising industry has still not decided on an alternative method to track the performance of advertising campaigns, but possible technologies currently being talked about are:

  • Fingerprinting – using a combination of hardware information and phone settings to accurately identify a unique device.
  • Using the phone’s Wi-Fi MAC Address
  • OpenUDID

Within the next 1-2 days, we will update the MobFox iOS SDK and permanently remove UDID Tracking. (if you need it faster, please check out our iOS SDK on github)

Until the industry has decided on an alternative method to track conversions, we found that that there needs to be an alternative that allows advertisers to keep tracking app installs to monitor a campaign’s performance – and came up with a solution!

Introducing: mAdtrackr


mAdtrackr is a new MobFox-powered service that allows you to track mobile app installations without using UDID’s at all. You read that right, no UDID’s, no SDK’s, no cookies, nothing. All you need to track the performance of your advertising campaign is a mAdtrackr-generated URL. mAdtrackr currently works with multiple ad networks: MobFox, AdFonic, JumpTap, and Mojiva

And here’s how it works:

Step 1: Create an Account at

Signup is quick, free, and easy. Just enter your e-mail address and a password to get started.

Step 2: Create an Application Profile for the App you are promoting

Once you are logged into mAdtrackr, you’ll need to create a profile for the app that you are about to promote. To do that, you’ll need to enter your app’s iTunes id. You can find your iTunes ID by visiting the appstore URL of your app on iTunes.

Step 3: Generate a mAdtrackr Tracking URL for your app promotion

Now you’ll create a unique mAdtrackr Tracking URL that you will use as the landing-page for your mobile advertising campaign. In your dashboard, click on the “Get Ad Network URL’s” Link next to the app ID you just created. Then, select the ad network you are promoting your app on. mAdtrackr tracking links currently work with our very own MobFox, AdFonic, JumpTap, and Mojiva. Copy this URL to your clipboard.

Step 4: Use mAdtrackr URL as your Click URL of your advertising campaign

Once you are done creating your mAdtrackr Tracking URL, you can start creating your ad campaign at one of the supported ad networks. Once you get to the step where you are being asked about where you want your Banner Ad to Link to, make sure you enter your mAdtrackr Tracking URL. This Tracking URL will automatically redirect users to the Apple App Store Page of your app once clicked.

DONE! Now, run your Campaign!

Download Conversions will automatically be reported in the control panel of your advertising network. For example, on MobFox you will see Conversion / Download Numbers if you click on the campaign tab.

Introducing: The All New MobFox for Advertisers!

Introducing: mAdserve – World’s first open source mobile adserver

Open Source Mobile Ad Server

Today, we’re excited to finally release a super-secret, amazing new project that the MobFox team has been working on for the last couple of months: mAdserve

mAdserve is world’s first fully-capable open source mobile ad server. Think of it as OpenX – but for mobile! mAdserve is based on PHP/MySQL, can be installed on almost any server/hosting account, and is capable to scale to serving billions of ad-impressions in your mobile apps and websites. mAdserve includes open-source SDKs for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7.

The mAdserve Ad-Server is based on MobFox Technology, is suitable for small- as well as for large Publishers, and allows you to independently and instantly mange your directly-sold, cross-promotional, and ad-network ads across all your mobile applications and websites.

mAdserve – The mobile ad server for everyone

Just like well-known web apps like WordPress, PhpBB or vBulletin, mAdserve can be installed by the click of a few buttons and runs on any server or cloud computing instance with minimum server requirements. During our testing-period, mAdserve was able to serve up to 1 Billion monthly impressions on a low-cost dedicated server.

Sell directly to your Advertisers

mAdserve includes out-of-the box features that allow you to sell your advertising space directly to potential advertisers. Every mAdserve Ad-Server includes the ability for Advertisers to sign-up directly on your ad-server, purchase advertising credit using PayPal/Credit Card, and run ads directly on your apps. In the Administration Panel, you can set the CPC Price Tags you want your advertisers to pay!

Ad-Network Integration

mAdserve includes out-of-the-box integration with several of the leading mobile advertising networks. mAdserve connects with ad-networks on a server-to-server basis and does not require you to integrate any additional SDKs!

mAdserve Screenshot

mAdserve Campaign Manager

Click here for the full list of mAdserve Features

To learn more about mAdserve or to download/install it right away, please visit the Official mAdserve Website

We’re iPad Ready!

MobFox iPad SDK readyMobFox Ads are (finally) available on the iPad! We are starting off with 728×90 banners and we’ve got great campaigns ready for iPad all over Europe & the US.

To get started with iPad Ads by MobFox, please log-in to your MobFox Account, add your iPad Application, and download our new cross-platform iOS SDK.

Note: As our iOS Cross-Platform SDK is still being field-tested, you can currently only download it if you add an iPad Application to your MobFox Account. If you add an iPhone App, our System will display a link to our (current) iPhone-only SDK.

Combining MobFox/AdWhirl on iOS

MobFox Publisher @appmason has shared a guide with us that describes how to combine MobFox and AdWhirl within iOS Applications, so we though we’d share the guide here as well.

- Download Guide & Example Project (ZIP)

Adding MobFox to your AdWhirl Rotation [Android]

A lot of Android Developers have e-mailed us asking how they can integrate MobFox in their AdWhirl Rotation via custom events. So we decided to release a step-by-step guide that describes how to easily add MobFox Support in AdWhirl.

- Step-by-Step Guide Download

- Sample Project

Big thanks to MobFox Publisher @iamronak for creating this guide!

PS: An AdWhirl-iOS Guide will be released soon!

Now available: Reporting API for MobFox Publishers

We are happy to announce that we have today released a Reporting API for MobFox Publishers. Our Reporting API allows you to remotely request your publisher reports (XML) using a set of simple GET/POST Requests.

For more information about how to set-up and use our API, please click here or navigate to Reporting -> Reporting API inside the MobFox Control Panel.

Introducing MobFox:BackFill and MobFox:HouseAds

It’s time to, once again, announce some amazing new features for MobFox Publishers :)

When we started MobFox 6 months ago we had one goal: To give publishers more control, more transparency, and more money for their traffic. Since then, we have released a set of great features that aimed to make Mobile Advertising easier for our publishers & developers.

Our most successful feature release so far was eCPMcontrol, a feature that allows publishers to choose a minimum amount they would like to earn when displaying MobFox ads in their mobile applications. The release of eCPMcontrol made us the only mobile ad network in the world that actually allowed publishers to choose the best-paying ads and then fall-back to another ad network if there was no high-paying ad available.

Until today, there has been one major challenge for developers that wanted to use eCPMcontrol: To achieve the best possible fill-rate, publishers had to implement at least 2 different SDKs so they could request an ad from another ad network when there was no premium ad available at MobFox.

Today, we are releasing two new features to eliminate this problem.

BackFill allows you to easily request an advertisement from another ad network or from your own adserver when there is no ad available in the MobFox network. This feature works completely from the server-side, requires no additional SDKs and works with all existing MobFox Developer SDKs.

Here’s what you need to do to activate MobFox:BackFill for one of your applications:

  • In the MobFox Control Panel, go to Sites & Apps. Then, click on the BACKFILL link next to the app you would like to activate this feature for.
  • Now you have two options. You can either enter your publisher ID from one of the additional ad networks that we support, or you can enter the URL of your own ad-server. When you decide to use your own ad-server, we will forward all your un-filled ad requests to the AdServer URL you specify and you can then dynamically fill your un-filled traffic.

For more information on how to integrate your AdServer, please click here

If you want to show your own house advertisements or direct-sold campaigns when MobFox couldn’t fill an ad-request, you can now do so by creating a House Campaign on the MobFox Control Panel.

Our House Ad feature gives you all the various Targeting Options that we provide to our regular advertisers, including Regional Targeting, Scheduling, Channel Targeting, Frequency Capping, Operator Targeting, and more.